How To Take Care Of Cactus: Here Are 5 Essential Tips To Remember


Maintaining a cactus looks like an easy job to do but if you do not do the right thing, it can dry out your plant. Here 5 essentials you need for cactus care.

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How to take care of cactus

Owning a cactus plant has become quite popular because of its easy maintenance and hardy nature. However, the owner of a cactus plant might make a few mistakes which will affect the growth of the Cactus. Here are 5 tips from experts that will help you take care of your Cactii.

How to take care of your cactus?

How to take care of cactus cactus care common mistakes in cactus care,How to take care of cactus cactus care common mistakes in cactus care,How to take care of cactus cactus care common mistakes in cactus care

The right soil

There is a special Cactus potting mix available in the market which should be used while you pot your cactus. This mix helps in forming a better root for your cactus and keeps the root and stems away from becoming moist. This mix will also help in drainage and will dry out quickly after watering.

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The right container

A container that is too large or too small can stop the growth of your cactus. Always pick the right pot and make sure there is a 1-inch gap between the plant and the pot rim. One is also advised to choose a pot with a drainage hole or make one.

Season while repotting

The repotting of cactus can be done at any time of the year but it provides better results when repotted during the growing season. The new soil is supposed to provide sufficient nutrients fro their growth. In India, the ideal time to repot a plant is between February and March. This can also reduce the chances of drying out the cactus.


One basic rule one should always know is when to water the plant. It is necessary to water the plant only when the soil is dry. One is recommended to poke their finger in the pot close to the roots and if the soil sticks to your finger, wait for it to dry. Excess water might kill the plant and another important thing to keep in mind while watering is to water the cactus till it starts dripping from the hole.

Sufficient sunlight

It is said that the higher the light and temperature, the better it is for a plant to grow. One should make sure that a bright sunny day or very high temperature is not good for cactus. However, a partial shared and indirect sunlight is ideal for the cactus.

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