Lampshades: A Guide To Choose The Right Shade For Your Lamp


A lamp is used to light up a room and sometimes also as a decor item. Here is how you can pick the right lamp for your room and make it look attractive.

Written By Anushka Pathania | Mumbai | Updated On:

Lampshades are used for two major reasons, firstly they are used to protect eyes from glares of the lightbulb, and secondly, they become a decorative piece for home décor. It adds style and personality to any room. Therefore, choosing the right shade for your lamp makes is very important. So you keep in mind the right size, colour and shape before you pick a lampshade for your lamp. Lampshades can be categorised in three ways. First being shape, the second and third being the colour and size, respectively. 

1) Shape

The shape of a lampshade decides how it will impart light in the room. If it is a horizontal lamp shade, it will distribute light around the periphery of the material. Whereas if it is quadrupedal with a broader base, it will give out more light and would be ideal for reading. The lampshades which are square in shape are suitable for maximum light emission.

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2) Colour

The colour of the lampshade decides the intensity of light it is going to emit. If it is darker in colour, it will look good, aesthetically, but will not give off a lot of light. Whereas a lighter shade would give more light in the area.

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3) Size

The size of the lampshade makes a whole lot of difference. Ideally, the top of the shade should be twice the diameter of the base of the stand. It should be big enough to not sit on the harp of the lamp but not too big for the whole lampstand.

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These are some tips to keep in mind while selecting the lampshade. To get the right lamp for yourself, you also need to select the right lamp post and the design of it. It is important that you have a clear idea about where you want to place it. Depending on whether it is a bedside lamp or a wall lamp, you should make the choice as different places require different heights and designs of lamp posts.

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