Low Maintenance Indoor Plants That You Can Add To Brighten Your Space With Some Greenery


Low maintenance indoor plants can be considered as a great budget-friendly home decor option. It adds new life to your room & who doesn't like greenery. Read on

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Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

If you are someone who likes greenery and plants around you, then adding some low-maintainance indoor plants in your home is a great idea. As the name suggests, low-maintenance indoor plants does not require a constant check. All you need to do is to take of care of indoor plants at regular intervals and you are good to go. These plants can also work as wall decor or home decor, and accentuate the overall look of your house.

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Adding a variety of low-maintenance indoor plants in a room not only revamps its entire look but makes it more bright. The colour green itself is so soothing to the eyes that you feel relaxed internally. However, the key here is to invest in such low-maintenance plants that have longer longevity and can sustain in varying temperatures as well. Let's take a look at some plants you can keep if you are a nature-lover.

Ideal Low-Maintenance Indoor Plants Options

Christmas Cactus


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If you are someone who likes bright shades and flowers, then adding a Christmas Cactus in your house is a great option. This plant is not only durable but very budget-friendly in nature. It is nothing short of a visual treat to add Christmas cactus plant into your home decor. The rosy pink flowers coming out of it look really beautiful. 

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The clivia plant has the ability to grow at a good pace even without exposure to sunlight. Out of all low-maintainance indoor plants, Clivia grows best in winters. It blooms and blossoms the most during the month of December. They look very pretty and can add a pop of colour to a dull space instantly. The flowers coming out of Clivia plant can either be orange or golden yellow. Clivia does not require constant watering as well, you can water it once it 3-4 days. 

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Aloe Vera


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The health benefits attached to keeping this low-maintenance indoor plant are numerous. You can add aloe-vera to your daily diet, to your skin and your hair. Aloe vera is very budget-friendly in nature and does not cost you high-maintenance. It also doesn't require a constant check on watering. You can add water whenever you think the soil has dried out. 

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