Pond In Your Lawn? Check Ideas And Steps To Give Your Lawn A Cool Makeover


If you have a lawn outside your house, then here is one of the best ideas that you can apply. Create a pond in your lawn, get all the instructions below.

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If you have a garden outside your house, you have got yourself a great plan to make it look beautiful. You can create a cute little pond for yourself and decorate it with plants and stones. Add some fishes inside the water, once you are done with the pond. Here are the steps to create a beautiful pond in your lawn:

Here are the steps to follow for creating a cute little pond in your lawn


  • The pond you create is supposed to get at least 4 to 6 hours of sunlight. This will help maintain a healthy and dry bath. Choosing the right location is very important.

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  • The ponds must be at least 2 feet deep. Pond’s size totally depends on your garden space. A miniature pond should be at least 2 feet deep, but it would be easier to have 4 feet or more.

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  • When you plan to keep water plants in your miniature pond, dig 1 foot down and then start digging 1 foot from the edge of the pond.

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Line the pond:

  • You can use durable plastic to line small backyard ponds. You will find them in any hardware store. Place the filler in the cavity and force it against the hole sides. If possible, try not to fold the liner.

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Fill the pond:

  • Fill the pond with water. Allow the pool to sit for a week and then add fishes and plants inside the water.

Add plants and fish:

  • Add plants to your pond as they help keep the pond clean and beautiful. Goldfish is one of the best picks for your pond. You can also add a few beautiful stones over the pond liner, which will give it a great look overall. Put on some lights for a beautiful evening. 

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