Types Of Mattresses That Are Best For Your Back; Here's The Guide


Types of mattresses and beds you need to know about before heading to a mattress shop. A guide with a few tips for selecting the best for different purposes.

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types of mattresses

Many medical reports suggest that a human needs seven to eight-hour sleep to lead a productive day. Many studies and researches have found that a proper sleeping cycle helps an individual to concentrate and perform better. The temperature of a room and kind of bed among others plays an important role to comfort and make someone fall asleep.

It is very important to select that one mattress that not only gives you warmth but also makes your body feel comfortable in the night. Here are a few types of mattresses, beds and tips for choosing a mattress for back pain or a child.  

Types of mattresses

Innerspring mattresses

Spring mattresses are among the popular choice for every age group. Innerspring mattresses have a longer lifespan than the other types on average. These type of mattresses tends to be more firm, sturdy and supportive for most sleeping styles including back sleepers and stomach sleeper. 

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Foam mattresses

Foam mattresses are trendy as the young age group may enjoy, especially if they’re a side sleeper. The foam mattresses are known for off-gassing, which can cause a strong smell for the first several weeks of use. A room with good ventilation and airflow will help the smell evaporate quickly. If anyone opts for a foam mattress, they should focus on adequate support and alignment in addition to the pressure relief. 

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Organic mattresses

An organic mattress is considered to be chemical-free, hypoallergenic, flame resistant and biodegradable. Organic crib mattresses are highly recommended as they are safer for infants. These are characterised by their ability to support the body and relieve pressure, while simultaneously regulating body temperature.

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How to choose a mattress for back pain?

Selecting the best mattress for back pain is quite subjective as it depends from body to body. If anyone is looking for the best mattress for the back pain, they should be clear with their preference and that it meets their standard of comfort. Mattress depths typically range between 7 to 18 inches deep. Choosing the number of coils, type of padding and mattress depth should be determined before choosing the mattress. 

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How to choose a mattress for a child?

Here are a few points an individual considers while buying a mattress for a child:

  • Pick a suitable size
  • Check the materials
  • Choose the right support type
  • Select the level of comfort
  • Determine the durability of the design
  • Consider the foundation
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