Carpet Shopping: Here Are The Various Types Of Rugs And Carpets Out There


Types of rugs and carpets to keep in mind if you are planning to buy something for your home. Here is the list of carpets to help you choose better. Read.

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types of rugs and carpets

Home is where most of your relaxed time is spent and hence it has to be well decorated. Using the right kind of carpet or rug in your room is very essential if you wish to make your room look good and comfortable. Carpets are different from rugs only in size. A rug is a smaller piece of cloth as compared to carpet. Here are all the rug types explained, in case you are going carpet shopping.

Types of rugs and carpets

1.       Woollen carpet/rug

Woollen carpets are one of the most commonly used carpets. These come in various designs giving you good options to choose from. You can also go for crochet ones as they look hipster and well-designed. You can make a proper dreamcatcher kind of carpet at home as well. These carpets are the best option to go for as they will keep your room clean as well.

2.       Cotton carpet/rug

The advantage of cotton carpets is that they come in various colours and designs. These are the most efficient kind of carpets as they will keep your floor free from dust and dirt. In this carpet option, the carpet will also absorb water if you happen to spill any. They are easily manageable and do not require too much care.

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3.       Jute carpet/rug

Jute carpets are amongst the few carpets that look great in a room. More than the efficiency of this carpet, what is more attractive to people is the handmade quality of such carpets. These are mostly sold in shops that are close to beaches and have other jute objects. These are made with care and also come at a low price. These are mainly used as a sheet on the floor. If rightly paired with the décor, this one can prove to be the best one in the list.

4.       Nylon carpet/rug

Nylon carpets are the one that add beauty to your room. The best thing about these carpets is their ability to make a room look classy. All you have to do is make sure you get the right colour carpet for your room and the rest will be done by the carpet itself. You are recommended to go for huge carpets. The bigger this carpet, the better it will look.

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5.       Polyester carpet/rug

Polyester carpets are very similar to the above-mentioned nylon carpets. These come in plain colours and are comfortable for your feet. A few carpets have certain standard design over them but you are recommended to go for a plain one as those will go with any kind of décor. You can go for this option if you are a fan of Aladdin’s carpet kind of design.

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