Why Do Clothes Smell Once Out From The Dryer? Here Are 3 Culprits


Why do your clothes smell once out from the dryer? Here are three factors to keep in mind if your clothes are smelling after a wash inside a washing machine.

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Why do clothes smell once out from dryer

Trying to figure out the reason behind bad-smelling clothes after a washing machine session? There are various reasons that could end up being behind the foul smell. There is a possibility that the washing machine is not functioning properly or has caught some moulds. But there are a number of different factors that affect the longevity and smell of your clothes. Here are the reasons that might be the cause of bad smelling clothes.

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Keeping these factors in mind will surely help to get rid of smelly clothes

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  1. Overloading the washing machine is an easy way to make your clothes smell like the detergent. Trying to lessen the number of rounds to the machine by doing all clothes at will not only put your clothes at risk of smelling bad but also keeps washing machine at risk of wearing out more quickly. This is due to the cramped space that keeps the drum from properly rotating and distributing the detergent you put into the machine to clean your clothes.
  2. If your clothes are still smelly after a wash, there is a huge possibility that the washing machine can harbour mould and mildew, as a result, the clothes come out to with a wired tinge of musty and rank. Both, the front and top-loading washing machines can be prone to mould, front-load designs may be more susceptible than the more traditional top-loading machines. Cleaning the washing machine's drum and rinsing out the empty unit with a cup of vinegar in a spin cycle will certainly help remove mould and residual odours. 
  3. To have a proper clean wash and a fresh after smell, the clothes certainly need to dry aster the soap water session. If the dryer is not able to get hot enough to properly dry loads, you inadvertently leave your wet loads in the dryer for too long. This causes your clothing to become mouldy or sour as a result. Drying the clothes after a good thorough wash is certainly a must. 

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