Flowers To Plant And Grow In Your Garden During This Winter


Flowers like Petunia, Cockscomb, Antirrhinum, and Cineraria are grown in winter. Here is a list for you to check out if you are looking to grow plants.

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As the winter season is upon us, it is the best time to start gardening as in this season, it is easy to grow and maintain many beautiful flowers. Colourful flowers not only beautify their surroundings but also brighten up the mood of people around them. Plants are known to clean the air and release oxygen while consuming carbon dioxide. In winters, flowers like Petunia, Cockscomb, Antirrhinum, cineraria, zinnia, calendula, chrysanthemum, and marigold are the best flowers to grow. When gardening, it is important to keep in mind a lot of things ranging from the seed type, pot size and moisture required by the plant to grow. Each plant has different needs. They require a different amount of sunlight, water and fertilizer. Here is a list of flowers you can grow in India during the winter season which is easy to maintain.

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Petunia seeds grow into beautiful flowers. They grow annually in the winter season and are easy to maintain. To grow them, you need to sprinkle its seeds on well-drained soil and gently push them down. Do not bury them deep into the soil as they need sunlight to germinate. The pot size for this plant can be small, as they are low growers. The ideal soil for them is light sandy soil.

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Another beautiful plant in the list of easy to maintain plants in winters would be Cockscomb. They are generally sowed in large groups. They have either yellow or pink flowers. The seeds for this plant need five to fourteen days to germinate. Proper sunlight is required for them to grow. Ordinary soil is sufficient for them to grow. But they need moist soil with regular watering.

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Marigolds are the most commonly seen flowers around wintertime. They are the easiest to maintain and require no extra or special care. Marigolds require a lot of sunlight. They should be kept at a place where they will be exposed to sunlight for at least six to eight hours a day. They have to be kept in moist soil and require occasional watering

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