Aquarius Horoscope For November 20 - Daily Prediction For Aquarius


Aquarius Horoscope for November 20, 2019, may see positive energy within you. You might be the person for advice for your friends and colleagues at your work.

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Aquarians are known to be rather assertive and are not known to “go with the flow”. They are also rather analytical and will look after every pros and cons before making any decision. Aquarians are known to love their independence which might prove to be difficult sometimes. However, they are popular among other Zodiacs for their easy-going nature.

Aquarius - what to expect

Emotions may go haywire today. But your friendly nature will sort things out only if you make enough efforts. Your presence may calm down the heated atmosphere. You may also be able to break through a tough person. There may be social events that you have to attend. Try and make some contacts there as these may prove valuable later on.

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If you want to say something to your partner which has been burdening you for long, today might be a good time to get it out. If it is something sensitive, then remember to keep a check on your words. You would not want to hurt them but at the same time do not keep your feelings bottled up.

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Your colleagues at work might be feeling rather relaxed and coax you to join them to spend some relaxing time. But do not get swayed away. Completing your work today will save you stress tomorrow.

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You seem to be facing a low-down. That might be because of a lack of physical activity. This may also be adversely affecting your work. You can go for a walk or jog. You can also try meditating as it helps calm the nerves and improve concentration.

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The planetary position seems to suggest a lonely day for you. Your sense of isolation may also be triggered by health issues. Whatever it is, this is not a good time to stay alone. In such a case, being in the company of family or dear ones is advisable.

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