Cancer Horoscope For December 29, 2019 | Cancer Daily Predictions


Cancer horoscope today: Cancer people are known for their loyalty and care. Read to know more about daily horoscope for love, career, finance, and health.

Written By Chitra Jain | Mumbai | Updated On:

Cancer is the fourth zodiac sign in astrology. People who are born between June 21-July 23 falls under this sun sign. Cancerians have intense feelings, which get displayed in the open. They easily get influenced by the environment and how others are feeling and may not be able to think straight. They are creative and love creating anything that is worthwhile.

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Some Important facts about Cancer zodiac sign:

  • Cancer: June 22 to July 22
  • Element: Water
  • Lucky Number: 7, 4 and 2
  • Ruling Planet: Moon
  • Lucky colour: Aqua and Blue

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Cancer-What to expect today?

You might find yourself in a situation where you will be competing with someone for dominance. This might prove to be unreasonable as this battle begins. It can also be the day when you need to complete all your pending weekend household activities, so you might want to buckle up.


You will tend to be extremely affable today and will value your relationships by giving them time and lots of love. You will be getting some surprises today from your loved ones. You are even willing to go the extra mile for people you love, and hence your partner will make you feel special by doing something different for you. Don’t tend to conceal your feelings and intentions to make your lover feel special. Even you should express your feeling rather than hiding them.


You may end up in an unexpected and challenging situation today. You should keep calm and not worry too much and trust your ingenuity and abilities. Acting patiently and carefully will help you overcome complications. Improvisation at the last minute will help settling issues.  

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Be careful of your health and avoid pushing yourself too much. Sometimes circumstances can result in more significant difficulties than you might have assumed; thus you need to save and ration and energy. Take a step back; being too ambitious will not bear any fruit. Light exercise or yoga might be an excellent addition.


You are an extremely considerate and caring person, and your family loves that about you. But today, there is a possibility that you might lose temper over silly things at home. This could be due to various reasons like overthinking and feeling of insecurity. But do not worry as there’s nothing like that. Instead, your family is happy about the fact that they will get to spend some quality time with you.

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