Horoscope | Daily Horoscope For December 1st For All Zodiac Signs


Plan your day according to your horoscope now. Every new day is different and it comes with new challenges. Here is the horoscope for all for December 1st.

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Plan your day according to your horoscope now. Every new day is different, and it comes with new challenges. Here is the horoscope for all zodiac signs for December 1, 2019. Take a look at what the stars have planned for each zodiac sign

Daily Horoscope- December 1, 2019


This might be a turbulent day, and your weekend peace will be disturbed by cash and career issues. A touch of competition adds spice to routine activities, and it would be advisable to follow up on new ideas without delay. Don't allow yourself to be a little over-emotional blind to just how much your way is going.


A strong planetary alignment provides an exciting day, but try to strike a balance between pursuing your own interests and looking after the affairs of your family. This is not the time to give in to senseless violence-particularly as soon as you lose your temper, you will ask for forgiveness. 


It is possible to turn complex planetary aspects to your benefit. If you have been held up by opposing colleagues, there may be ways to turn the tables on them. 


There is a lot of tension in the air, and members of the family and friends may be in a mood to fight. When proposing constructive solutions, it is up to you to transform tension to the benefit of everyone. It is all because of the difficult alignment of the sun, so it is going to pass really quickly. 


Stormy planetary influences can help you clear the air. If you have anything to get off your chest, today is the day. However, make sure that your feelings are pointing in the right direction. Otherwise, you will sound off and sow the seeds down the line somehow for problems


Today, there will be plenty of space for your political and calming abilities, mostly because friends and colleagues are going to fall out. Relatives are going to seek your assistance. However, make sure you are not pulled into personal conflicts. Try to make people see that it is easier for the public good than for personal greed. 

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Your calm mood is not going to fit into combative circumstances. You will be put on the spot by other men, asking you to come up with the goods. Relationships may be on your side, although they may not be helpful. 


Energetic friends and associates are depending on you for your constant abilities, yet today you are unlikely to be very useful.  You won't have time to spare for others as you will be far too worried about your own concerns and goals. 

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Celestially speaking, today is an energetic day. Nothing turns out as planned, but delays and sudden obstacles can be disguised blessings if they distract you from problematic courses of action. It is time to review your progress in all directions. 


Recently there has been an interesting link between personal and public ambitions on one hand, and business and social life prospects, on the other. A range of options should be seriously considered in all fields. Conditions are about to change dramatically, so no need to hurry into any decision.

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There is plenty of room to indulge in your dramatic qualities and attributes, and the more enterprising you are, the greater the prospects of success. When partners are in an angry mood, don't be bothered- just let them get over it. 


Today is a great day to start with any new enterprise or idea. Your partner and you might share a special moment in the evening. Health-wise, you might feel low at the start of the day, but eventually, your mood will lighten up and you will feel energetic by the end of the day.

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