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Your horoscope for today may tell you about your day ahead and help you plan accordingly. Know your daily horoscope, astrological prediction and more about it.

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Today you might find your soulmate so keep your eyes open. Work might prove to be stressful. But try not to overwork yourself and take care of your health. Financial endeavours seem good at the moment.


If your partner is displeased at something, try to talk to them about it and sort it out. Keeping quiet never solves anything. Some meeting of yours might get postponed, and this will give you some free time at hand. Exercise caution while carrying out financial investments.


Some old flame might visit you today. A lesson of discipline learnt at work may prove beneficial at home. Your unhealthy lifestyle may take a toll on you, so remember to drink water and not coffee when you feel thirsty. 


If you think your partner knows your every thought, then you might be expecting too much from them. Your mind seems to be focussed on work so much so that your mind wandering even while in a social gathering. An important family decision may get postponed due to differing opinions.

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Today you must try to make your partner feel appreciated and loved by arranging a candlelight dinner or simply getting cosy on the couch. Your workplace dynamics may suffer because of your stubbornness. The position of stars may affect your health, so be careful of what you eat and do today. 


Although you may dislike people who are over-sentimental, the planets predict that today you may meet someone who falls head-over-heels in love with you. At the work front, you might be given the due appreciation of your hard work by your boss. Family matters might take an ugly turn today.


Your partner might be feeling emotional today. Try to be there for them and listen to what they have to say. You might have an idea for some new project at work or how to deal better with old ones. Do not feel afraid to share it with your boss. Do not forget to take care of your health.


Workplace tension may be high, so you should try to keep away from heated discussions. While everyone seems to be having a bad day, you are having the time of your life. But do not get swayed away by the momentum of situations. If you are feeling lonely, spending some time with your family might be a good idea.

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Let your partner know if something is offending you. A pending project might finally reach its conclusion today with your leadership. You might feel rather laid back today. Try and give in to it as you always don’t need to be productive. 


If you have a secret crush on someone, you might want to tell them today. Try to lighten the situation at work as an important deadline might be making everyone feel pressured. Today seems to be a good day to start a bedtime ritual which will prove beneficial in the long run. 

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Love knows no bounds, so try to make your partner know that. You might want to go out of your way and do something for them. This will make them feel special. Things at work might be tensed because of some unwanted situations. Try not to get involved in workplace politics.


Today the cards predict that you might find the spark with someone you have known for a long time. Work seems to be light today so don’t fret over weighty issues. Take your parents out for a meal or simply spend some time with them.

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