Leo Horoscope For December 07, 2019 | Know Your Daily Horoscope Predictions


Leo, born between July 23 to August 22. Know what to expect today. Prediction on love, career, health & family. Read on to know more about Leo's characteristics

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Leos are people born between July 23 to August 22. Leos are innately practical and intelligent human beings. They are blessed with a charming and enduring personality. Loyalty is very important for them, and they cannot stand infidelity. They are loving and caring individuals, who like taking care of others without any hidden agenda. True bravehearts, they love to take up challenges.

Some important facts about Leo zodiac sign

  • Leo: July 23 to August 22
  • Element: Fire 
  • Lucky Colour: Orange and red.
  • Ruling Planet: Sun

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What to expect today?


You are a highly considerate and well-mannered individual. Sometimes your relatives take advantage of it and try to make decisions for you. Do not let that happen, because if this pattern becomes a habit, you will have to suffer. Take control of your life in your hands.

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You need to focus on both your mental and physical health. Stay motivated to lead a healthier life for increased longevity. Avoid any outside food to prevent any digestive issues as they might lead to bigger problems. Exercise on a routine basis, do not skip, which you have been doing of late.


There is a high possibility for you to face some inconsistencies at the workplace. As you might feel that your team is side-lining you. Though it may be a bad experience for you, something good will come soon. Plan the baby-steps to move ahead for achieving your goals.

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There might be a surprise waiting for you by your partner. They are trying their best to impress you and make up for the argument you two had lately. Make sure to appreciate their efforts by meeting them in person. Also, thank them for their kind gesture. By doing this, your partner will feel happy about doing things for you.

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