Leo Horoscope For December 11, 2019: Know Daily Horoscope Predictions


Leos are born between July 23 to August 22, and it is the fifth astrological sign of the Zodiac. Know what to expect today for health, love, finance and career.

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Leos are known for being confident and brave. They are intelligent and practical beings who value loyalty above everything. Leos are fiercely caring and they love without any hidden agenda. They are self-dependent and value their freedom, however, they do not give a commitment very easily. They are very helpful and passionate beings.


Those in a relationship will have a fairly uneventful day. The need to spice up your relationship will be evident. Your family is counting on you and they love and support you, however, things might turn sour due to a few miscommunications. Remember, relationships are built on trust and understandings and they take time to grow. Unlike your family, your friends will treat you with kindness and you will find yourself enjoying their company a little more.

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You will find yourself envious of your peers. Keep yourself calm and take a few deep breaths before you can’t impulsively. For students, you will face an inconsistency when it comes to your score. Try working a little harder for today, it’ll reap benefits in the future. Your colleagues will be kind to you and a big promotion is just around the corner.

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Your health needs a lot of attention today. You haven’t been exercising enough and your immune system is at an all-time low. You will need to take deep calming breaths and keep yourself hydrated. Go for a jog each morning to improve your health and take up a healthy hobby like swimming. Stomach related problems can be caused today so keep an eye on what you eat. Beware as you might suffer some minor injuries.

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You will have to spend on medical bills today as your health is low. Do not make any expensive purchases as money is tight. Refrain from investing in the stock market, however, investing in property can be a good thing. If you have children, they might want you to spend a heavy sum on them. However, be mindful of what you spend on.

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