Leo Horoscope For November 1, 2019: Know Daily Horoscope Predictions


Leo, born between July 23 to August 22. Know what to expect today. Prediction on love, career, health and family. Read on to know more about Leo characteristics

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Leo is the fifth astrological Zodiac sign. Leos are considered to be extremely brave and passionate. They are supportive as well as optimistic and they love adventure. Leos often look for something new and are unpredictable as well as spontaneous. They are extremely loving and take care of others to no bounds.

Leo - What to expect?

You may have a big dream that other people in your life believe has little to no chance of manifesting no matter what you do. They may be telling you that you are allowing that unlikely dream to block you from striving for something else that is more easily attainable – or at least more realistic in their opinion. However, Leo, it is your life and your dream, and no one else really knows what you can and cannot do- only you know what you want- not for what others want for you.

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Nostalgia is in the air as you remember a former love affair and the good times you once had. Fond memories can boost your mood, as long as you steer clear of any regrets you have about the past. Call a clear-eyed friend who has travelled this road with you before and talk it over.

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Keep an eye on misbehaviour at all times. Whether a client is trying to misrepresent an exchange or a co-worker is trying to shirk duties, it'll be your responsibility to call them on the cheating. Think wisely.

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Your sound health will keep you in a cheerful mood today. You will also benefit if you make your mind receptive to positive emotions like love, hope and faith. The power of your mind can do wonders for your health. Do your best to remain in a positive and healthy state of mind and your health will be the same. Enjoy today.

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Avoid arguments with elder siblings. Leo, take time out for your mother and listen to her patiently, as it will bring her peace of mind. Be careful about your father’s health. A female might cause quarrels within your family and you should stay alert. Be mentally prepared.

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