Leo Horoscope For November 28, 2019 | Daily Prediction For Leo


Leo daily horoscope prediction for November 28. Read on to know more about how your horoscope may affect your love, career, family, health and more. Read on.

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Represented by the lion, Leos are high spirited and passionate people. They love themselves the most and enjoy being in the spotlight. These people will give their heart and soul into any relationship. When negative emotions like ego and jealousy creep into them, they become impaired from functioning properly.

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Leo horoscope – What to expect today?

Take some time out of your day to meditate and think about the choices you have made in life. There can be several triggering points in your life today that will build up a huge amount of frustration inside you. You can use this as a chance to finally let out your older resentments.


There is a huge possibility that the rocks in your relationship are because you have been a bit selfish. You have been stubborn and frustrated since the past few days. Your partner has been patient with you throughout and now is the time to finally appreciate their efforts in keeping the relationship together.

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You are unnecessarily getting angry with your colleagues at work. Your lack of self-control with your emotions may be seen as a sign of incompetence at your workplace. This behaviour might even make you lose respect in the eyes of your associates.

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You are pushing your limits a little too much by spending a lot of time exercising. Its time you rethink your lifestyle choices now. You need to put a pause on the stress-eating that you have been doing nowadays. Taking things easily and with care is the only remedy now.

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Spending time with your family will help in growing your relationship with them immensely. Try to maintain the peace and harmony that exists in your household now. There are some rough times ahead for you.

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