Leo Horoscope For October 25 : Know Daily Horoscope Predictions


Leo, born between July 23 to August 22. Know what to expect today. Prediction on love, career, health and family. Read on to know more about Leo characteristics

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Bold, intelligent, warm, and courageous, Leos are extremely kind and generous creatures. They are always ready to help out their loved ones. People born under this sign do not believe in false humbleness and they are the first to praise themselves for a job well done. Leos thrives on social interactions and loves to make new friends. Although Leo is a loyal individual, that loyalty will cost you if you cross the line.

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Leo - What to expect today

You will experience pride for your capabilities today. You will be able to make substantial gains. Share your thoughts with those who can help you to execute them. It may be a time to work on your motivational skills. Try to encourage your life or business partner. It is time to get your party on with friends.


Where matters related to love and romance are concerned, you might need to accept that. Avoid financial schemes right now and stick to matters of the heart. You have a special love interest coming to visit you soon. You can shower your partner with attention and love.

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Today minor ailments like cold, cough or headache may trouble you. If possible, take ample rest today and tomorrow you will be back in action. Avoid drinking cold beverages. Physically, you might not face difficulties but mentally there may be some challenges.


If you had lent money to someone long back, you are going to get it back today. One of your old friends can become a key person to help you in increasing your income substantially. Take care of your expenses and track them on a regular basis.


You will earn more money and will make your family happier by showering them with gifts. You might get upset about your child’s behaviour and this might make you angry or frustrated. Do not allow conflicts at home and try to maintain peace among family members. Overall you will get the adequate support of your family members.

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