Pisces Horoscope For December 29, 2019 | Pisces Daily Prediction


Daily Horoscope Pisces: Pisces people get influenced by their surroundings. Read on to know more about daily horoscope for love, career, health and finance.

Written By Riddhi Adsul | Mumbai | Updated On:

Pisceans get easily influenced by their surroundings. You absorb the emotions of others like a sponge. You are a very spiritual person and this life's journey is often a quest for you. This also makes you a straightforward person who hates conflicts and fights. Read on to know about the daily Pisces horoscope prediction.

Pisces - What to expect today? December 29, 2019

Sunday is not a fun day for all the working Pisces. You will delay taking important decisions in the office or regarding business. You will take your time to come to a conclusion and put in all the required thought and this will grant you clarity on all the issues at hand. Do not make hasty decisions. 


You will make plans with your partner today. Your relationship will feel peaceful and relaxing. All singles go out and meet as many new faces on the last Sunday of the week. The planets are trying their best to make you happy, so enjoy yourself. 

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Work looks bad today. However, do not give up. Listen to your intuition, it will help you move your career forward. Your hard work also pays off on the other hand. 

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Enjoying yourself is your priority today, even if a bit of soul-searching could be on the menu too. Being with your family will make you incredibly happy. Health looks good. Try to focus on your dreams now. However, work stress might try to affect your health. 

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Today is a favourable day to organise get-togethers and throw parties, even if it costs a bomb. The day is good and filled with sufficient money leading to contentment. Early in the day on the financial front, you will lack excitement. However, you will not waste time and you will be very serious today about increasing your income.

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