Sagittarius Horoscope For November 20 - Sagittarius Daily Predictions


Sagittarius horoscope for November 20. Your lucky colours for the day: red and black. Read more to know about daily predictions on Love, Career, Health and more

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Sagittarians are curious and open-hearted people. They are huge adventure and travel junkies. They can light up any room with their laughter. These people, who are born between November 23 and December 21, are also very emotional and caring.

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Daily Horoscope for Sagittarius: What to expect today?

You might have a tough time keeping your thoughts organised today. Teamwork and collaborations will work out well for you today. Hence, it is better to seek out for help if you need it. Let the ones near to you know how much you matter to them.

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The planets are aligned in your favour today hence you will be seen enjoying the little things in life with your partner. Singles, make your desirability a natural feature of your personality and approach your crush but be careful to not overdo the act. Any wrong step can result in everything tumbling down.


You have finally found an inner confidence and integrity, which will be seen as a strength by your colleagues. The satisfaction level you will be experiencing today with your work is beneficial. If any of your co-workers seek help, then do so but make sure that they are not taking advantage of you.

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Once you are done with the day, indulge yourself in some meditation or yoga. Create a calm atmosphere and contemplate your past decisions. You will soon forget the hectic world outside and achieve a deeper insight into life in general.

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Due to your higher energy levels, your loved ones will be coming to you for advice on important matters. You must happily help them out and at the same time be careful to not give away a lot. Any healthy relationship works out with a balance of give and take.

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