Scorpio Daily Horoscope For January 19: Love | Health | Career | Money


Scorpio Daily Horoscope: The ruling planets are Pluto and Mars, while the symbol is a Scorpion. The element is water. Read the overview of the whole day here.

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Scorpio is known to be a water sign. Like all water signs, Scorpios are known to be extremely compassionate, confident, and like challenges. They also tend to be hot-headed and impatient. People born under this sign tend to act before they think. 

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Scorpio - what to expect?

You may feel a desperate need to unwind today. You are likely to take your partner outdoors and spend some quality time near a beach or any water body. You are likely to do your best when you are away from the public gaze. So make sure you spend some private time with your partner.


You should look for a spot when you will be not be distracted to focus on your study. Be clear about all your priorities. That will help you steer clear of unwanted things and reach your goals even faster and easier. If you manage to do then you may feel quite accomplished and happy at the end of the day.


You may feel that you are never going to find your soulmate as things seem to just get bad on dates. But do not worry, you will soon find one very quickly. You are going to find the right person but it may take some time. Be yourself and relax. 

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You may be living a sedentary life these days and that may be causing harm to you. Your body may be paying the price for sitting too long and not opting for a healthy lifestyle. You may have sudden aches and pains that you did not even realise you would suffer. It is time to hit the gym and get your body working.


In the world of finances, you may have to revive old contacts and businesses so that you get multiple money-making options. These contacts will benefit in the long run as well as bring life to your business. If you have some time off your hands and you want to increase your income levels then you should start hunting for partnerships. You will feel satisfied and happy at the end of the day for making revive these old contacts. 

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