Scorpio Daily Horoscope For January 21: Love | Health | Career | Money


Scorpio Daily Horoscope: The ruling planets are Pluto and Mars, while the symbol is a Scorpion. The element is water. Read the overview of the day here.

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Someone in your life may have built a wall around themselves. This wall was constructed to keep trouble. But the problem is that such a wall can also keep out hope, friendship and so much more. If you have encountered such a wall around someone you would like to get to know better, Scorpio, be patient and start chipping away. You should be able to get through if you can demonstrate your positive intentions.

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Scorpio – What to expect today?

Your day should start off with a pleasant experience and you will have motivated feeling throughout the day. You need to utilise these energies. Your lucky colour for today is green and blue and your lucky number is 3,25 and 31.


If you are in a committed relationship, you would clear the misunderstanding with your partner. What is important here is that you be honest to yourself especially if you look to put your ideas into action.

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It is advised to be careful of you put inside your body as it may adversely affect your health. Stay away from deep-fried food. Your best bet would be to snack on fruits and nuts. Drinking lots of water is also a must.

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You should have a fulfilling day at your work. Your colleagues are in a good position to back you up in case you find yourself stuck in any situation. This is also the perfect time to figure out your next big career move. There is also a strong possibility of going out and spending the evening with your close friends.


You have been getting all kinds of hints from friends and colleagues on how to earn more money. Make your own decisions and live up to it. Think before you act today. 

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