Scorpio Daily Horoscope For December 27: Love | Health | Career | Money


Scorpio Daily Horoscope: The ruling planets are Pluto and Mars, while the symbol is a Scorpion. The element is water. Read the overview of the day here.

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Scorpio is a water sign. Like all water signs, Scorpios are known to be compassionate, confident, and like challenges. They also tend to be hot-headed and impatient. People born under this sign tend to act before they think. 

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Scorpio - what to expect today

The Zodiac sign Scorpio is known for its dedication and confidence. Today you will get the chance to use these traits to move closer towards your desired goals. By the evening you might feel tired, but don't worry, everything will get sorted out. Focus on the minute details of the things that are associated with your future interests. The lucky colours for the day are yellow and green. Your lucky numbers for the day will be 5, 4, 6, and 8.

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Even though you are managing to be ahead of your colleagues, your stars are sending warnings. Do not trust anyone easily; especially when it comes to sharing details of an upcoming project. Keep keen eyes and ears on what people around you are doing or talking about. Ask for help or advice to only trustworthy people and try to ignore unnecessary arguments with your seniors. Think twice before speaking anything, either its a joke or a serious suggestion. 

Love and friendship

You will have a romantic evening if you will be able to manage your short temper. Your partner wants you to listen to their problems. If you are single, you need a jamming session with your best friend squad. Catch-up with your college buddies and plan a dinner night. It is a great time to have some quality time with family also. If you can not meet your friends, go out for a long drive with your family.

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Money and finance

It's a good day to meet your advocate for discussing any legal or property related matters in the evening. You will be able to understand the legal issues more clear today. Keep a check on your accounts and receipts. Do not trust the promises of profits. If you have negative intuitions for any investments, it's better to back out right away.


Today will be a satisfactory day from a health point of view. Practicing yoga will be a good treat for your body and mind. Keep track of your water intake and keep your body and brain hydrated. 

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