Scorpio Horoscope For October 17, 2019 - Scorpio Daily Prediction


A Scorpio is born between October 23 and November 22 and belongs to the 'water' element of the zodiac. Read more about their daily prediction- work and more.

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Scorpio Zodiac sign falls between October 23 – November 22. Scorpios are incredibly passionate and powerful personalities. They are a water sign that derives their strength from the psychic, emotional realm. Scorpios are secretive but emotional people. They are known for their independent behavioural trait.

Scorpio horoscope – What to expect today?

Today you might have to make sure that you don’t exhaust yourself. You are doing too much for others at the moment. Your generous heart and kind nature might make you say yes to requests that you should refuse. You might also want to rethink all the obligations that have come to you. You should think it in such a way that you aren’t saying no to others, but saying yes to yourself.


Your relationship is entirely harmonious at the moment. You should make sure that you enjoy this time with your potential partner and that someone shouldn’t disrupt your private moments. Soft words and little gestures will be lingering on your mind. You may be spell bounded with a quiet and tender magic spell. It will leave a deep impression on your lover with every passing second and minute.

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You will be enjoying harmonious relation with your family today. Taking time for shared activities will be very beneficial and will give you great pleasure. This opportunity will also let you see what kind of person you are and what kind of role you play in your family. Finding yourself in the company of others will help you develop your persona.

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Today you must ensure that you collaborate with your colleagues. They will regard you as imaginative and approachable if you co-operate with them. You will not fail to show your value and worth at the workplace today. Working in a team will make you progress and achieve unexpected results.

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The energy around you is positive, which will help you create a calm and harmonious composure. Allow yourself to share the positive energy with others and try to get them to join your regime for healthy sporting activity and exercise routine. You will find yourself to be a good motivator today. There will be a perfect balance between your mind, heart and body.

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