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Long Distance Relationships: 5 Apps That Can Help You To Give Company To Your Loved One

Apps that can help you keep your loved one company even if you are away from each other during this COVID-19 lockdown. Manage your long-distance relationships!

long distance relationships

To keep the spark alive and love sparkle between you and your loved one, you need to spend some time together. But, due to this pandemic Coronavirus outbreak, you have to stay far from your loved ones. So, what can you do to avoid this long-distance relationship and prevent this unfortunate situation is to use video chatting apps. In case you are not aware of this solution, below listed are 5 popular apps that you can make use of while in quarantine to connect with your loved ones-

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Five apps that will keep love and spark alive in your relationship amid lockdown:


If you want to watch your favourite show together with your loved one even if you are far away, you can cue the app, Kast. In this app, which is named ad Kast now (initially, it was Rabbit) allows you to join with your loved one and sync your apps to watch the same show together without giving any spoilers to each other. This is much fun than watching alone.

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You can get all romantic and old fashioned with the app, TouchNote which will keep you connected with your loved one. TouchNote is an awesome app that turns your personal pictures into postcards and sends them to your loved one with a personal message so that you have a bit change in those texts. You can easily mail a card that expresses how much you care and miss your loved one while staying far during this lockdown with TouchNote.

The IceBreak

The IceBreak app is a focused app that helps you create more meaningful talks and understanding your loved one better. TheIceBreak involves a list of questions to either exchange answers in private or you can also ask and answer secretly within the community. You can also “capture today’s moment,” by sharing a picture of something that surprised you today or you liked it. Now, being active with cracking icebreakers literary pays off. Every time you complete one of the app’s actions, you get some amount in the Icebreak coins.

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Smule is a popular music app primarily released under the name Sing! Karaoke on iOS platforms in 2012 and later on Android in 2013. In October 2015, Smule declared the release of an Apple TV edition of Sing!. Smule expanded its music experience through that release to include the web in 2016, although in a consultative format for now. On this app, you can sing millions of karaoke songs and connect with music lovers worldwide. Basically, it is a social singing app.

Simply Us

Simply Us is an app to set up your work and organise it greatly along with your loved ones. You can simply organise your life together with your partner and enjoy life in these easy things. You can avoid silly situations like meeting at the wrong place, double bookings of movies or weekend outings, or even buying packets of milk. Simply Us is truly a lifesaver and allows you create private to-do lists, grocery lists and even small projects, interchange photos and text, and also have special calendar sync between the two of you, so that you always stay responsive about regular routine work.

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