An Indian Application That Lets You Rent A Boyfriend!


An interior decorator-turned-entrepreneur came up with an application called 'Rent A Boy | friend'

Written By Radhika Sarkar | Mumbai | Updated On:

An interior decorator-turned-entrepreneur Kaushal Prakash came up with an innovative idea in order to eliminate depression which is common problem among the youth. His application lets you rent a 'boy | friend' who will chat with you for a brief period of 15 to 20 minutes, for a charge of Rs 500. The application is called as' Rent A Boy| friend' and can be easily contacted through a toll-free number. As per reports, when Prakash was asked if the 'Boy | friend' would meet the consumer in person too, the young entrepreneur stated that he did not want any of the patients to come to the office, because then the main question of 'Log Kya Kahenge' kicks in. According to Prakash, the main purpose is to help people suffering from depression, without them having to be embarrassed about going to a clinic. The 'boy | friends' allotted to help people suffering from depression are termed 'professional psychiatrists' although, on the website, there are just pictures of shirtless men. 

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Here are a few snapshots from the website! 

The divide between 'Boy' and 'Friend' in the logo is drawn in order to give the audience an imagery of a 'platonic relationship'.  Although the founder insists that the company has a no-tolerance policy against sexual relations, the website has millennials showcasing their abs. The application is said to be well equipped with gentlemen who can help women with their depression. However, the website states that in order to register as a 'boy | friend' one has to have a minimum qualification of grade 10. 

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As explained by the website, the app is an 'opportunity to travel, relax and go on a casual cafe visit or brunch-lunch-dinner'. The 'boy | friends' have been categorized into three types which include models, celebrities, and Aam Aadmi. All the type of 'boy | friends' are said to be very friendly, outgoing, exciting, energetic and possess good communication skills. As explained on the site, it is a great way to 'chill' and get 'paid' for it. The website further encourages the people to register as a' boy | friend' stating that it is a good platform to generate a source of income. Along with 25-year-olds, the portal also has a mix of middle-aged men until the age of 55. The application was launched on Friday, August 24 in Mumbai and Pune. The 'boy | friends' can be rented on an hourly basis. Like, for celebrity 'boy | friend', one would be required to pay Rs. 3,000, while for a model and commoner 'boy | friend' one would be required to pay Rs. 2,000 and Rs. 300 to 400 at the maximum. 


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