Aquarius Horoscope Today - October 6, 2019 | Daily Horoscope


Aquarius daily horoscope prediction for October 6, 2019. Read on to know more about how your horoscope may affect your love, career, family and health.

Written By Gunjan Shah | Mumbai | Updated On:

Aquarians, the 11th astrological sign of the zodiac, are known to be discoverers, inventors, visionaries, and adventurers. They are known to be originating from the constellation with the same name, Aquarius is a sun sign ruling over the planet of Uranus. Aquarians are known to have many acquaintances. However, they are known to be picky with real friends.

Aquarius – what to expect today

Your stars are in the right place today. You can expect a lot to work in your favour in terms of health and family. Love and career may have some challenges in store for you. However, your Aquarian traits will help you figure out a way to overcome them. Read on to know what all you can expect today in terms of love, career, health and family so you can be prepared.


Someone from another country having a fabulous appeal may tempt you from your usual routine. According to the planetary configuration, there might be some past event linked to today’s meeting, though the association might be insubstantial. Everything is hinting that things are well, and will only get better. Scorpio will be the most compatible sun sign for the day, says your horoscope.


People will have numerous escape routes that they will try to hide from you. Getting a direct and straight answer from anyone will not be easy. The best option will be to give up for the day and deal with all of these issues some other day. Keeping the company of a Leo would be beneficial for you.


You are always excited to drop the old and start anew, but sometimes it is better to stick to the routine.  Due to your tendency to dream about the future and forget about the present, you need to have a healthy routine. It is a must to pay attention to adequate ministering of food and drinking plenty of water. Unless you still stay with your parents, all the concerns about your health are on you.


Maintain a low key at home, as your planetary setup suggests of trouble. No matter how important the issues are, try and keep a distance from people at home. Due to some more significant concerns, the elders might not acknowledge your presence, but they are not ignoring you. Just wait for the correct occasion and make your move, says your daily Aquarius horoscope. 


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