Cancer Horoscope Today - 17th September 2019 | Daily Horoscope


Always at constant war with themselves, 17th September will be a challenging day for Cancer. Read further to find out about what's in store for your sun sign.

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The life of a Cancerian is one of great toil, amidst pressure from all parts of society. Always at constant war with themselves, today 17th September will be a challenging day for this sun sign. Keep in mind that finances will take a hit today. You must keep a close eye on personal relationships that may face some obstacles over the course of the week. 

Cancer: June 22 - July 22

Love Life

As per the Cancer horoscope, 17th September may prove the ideal occasion to initiate a new relationship. You will most likely express your feelings to a potential partner. However, married couples may endure some struggles in their relationship towards the end of the week. Do not let your Cancer ego get in the picture and disrupt the harmony of your relationship this week.

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Your work life might take a positive turn today. As a Cancer, you are likely to be given a promotion in your career path this week. Your seniors will also be pleased with your efforts, and you continue to maintain positive relations with them. As per the Cancer horoscope, you will also gain from multiple tenders and contracts for your business.

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Finances are likely to take a hit on 17th September. Cancer might feel the need to borrow some money from a close friend or business associate. Small business owners and start-up CEO’s must think twice before signing deals with a customer you do not know well. You are prone to be duped in the process. Keep your expenditure in check and invest in property & real estate today.

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Health & well-being

A Cancerian will recover from ongoing ailments and struggles today. Make a conscious effort to let loose today but pay attention to your health. There may be instances where you feel anxious and stressed-out without any concrete reason. Allow yourself to feel those emotions. It is advised that you spend a good amount of time in meditation and yoga today. Do not skip your daily exercise routine and focus on being fit and healthy.

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