Taurus Daily Horoscope For October 15 - Taurus Daily Predictions


Taurus are self-reliant and are capable people who can work without tiring to achieve their goals. Usually calm, but Taureans extremely violent when provoked.

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The people born between April 21 and May 21 fall under the sun sign Tauras. It is the second astrological sign of the Zodiac. Taureans are self-reliant and are capable people who can work without tiring to achieve their goals. Usually calm, Taureans develop to become extremely violent when provoked. They are people who are compassionate and have a love for music, literature and art. They are someone who do not adapt to a change very easily which makes them control others. Taureans are affectionate and loving. Taurus horoscope states that a Tauran is considered to be the sternest individual amongst the rest of the zodiac signs. If you belong to the Taurus zodiac club, you symbolise the element of 'Bull'.

Here's an overview of today

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The Monday blues hit you hard which is something you have no other option but to deal with. There will be an unexpected situation which might challenge and make you scared at the same time. At such a situation, trust your instincts and genuine. Have patience and do not worry much. Carry out the tasks as you are able to carry out all other tasks. You might feel the need to improve yourself and there is no better chance than this.

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You and your partner may be having a rough patch and there definitely seems to be a thunderstorm brewing in your relationship. Sit and talk like adults do, to avoid unnecessary tension between the two of you.  The situation also requires the right time to approach and come up with solutions. Remember what matters to you and make a firm stand accordingly. Your family and their decisions matter to you and you should know how to keep them close in order to lead a healthy happy life.

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Your health always remains a topmost priority, no matter what star sign you belong to. There are certain issues that might bother you, to the point where you appear to be stressed than usual. Go for a walk by the sea or enjoy a free yoga session. This looks like a long working week for some of you, be mentally prepared for it. When you chose to exercise, make sure not to overstress your body to invite more health issues.

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