Daily Horoscope Gemini: Overview Of The Day; More On Career And Health


The Geminis Daily Horoscope says create a favourable atmosphere to go off on a quest for romance and love. They are known to have good compatibility with Libra

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Gemini Daily Horoscope (May 21 – June 19)

Dear Gemini, do not go on the offensive today if you are criticised at work. Instead, seek advice from others and work towards resolving the core problem. New goals could create a lot of work burden. On the personal front, relationships seem boring today. Be honest with yourself and openly think about what went wrong. Be focused today, and do what makes you happy. Your lucky numbers for the day are 6 and 4. Lucky colour is Orange. The gemstones for Gemini are Aquamarine and Garnet.

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Due to planetary alignments, love could be on your mind. If you are searching for your only, then you may be a bit dismayed that you have not yet found that special person. The stars have aligned to create a favourable atmosphere to go off on a quest for romance and is you pay attention they can lead you to someone interesting. If you are already attached and would like to build a deeper and stronger bond, then this is the right time to reach out.


You may be prone to anxiety and insomnia today. Take a wholesome diet and sleep properly. Your health can be delicate but do not worry too much about it. You may feel overexcited and nervous in some situations. Mental health can be stabilised by getting into meditation and some calming activities. Exercise regularly.

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Just a few days ago, you felt so confused in your career that you thought you would never get anywhere. That feeling of being stuck in a rut may dissipate. Today, you are happy with your trajectory and looking forward to the future. Settle any outstanding disagreements. Stay cool during four days when you are open to everything.


People do not have to think the same way you do to be working toward your goal. Having different perspectives is what fleshes out the team. As long as you end up in the right place the angle you get there does not matter. Financial conditions are hard on your side. Have control over yourself and don't be spendthrift.

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