Daily Horoscope Sagittarius 17 Sept: Love, Finance, Career, Health


Daily horoscope for Sagittarius, for 17th November 2019 predicts a favourable outcome in terms of a new business venture or winning accolades at work. Know more

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Today seems to be a favourable dawn for all those Sagittarians (November 22nd- December 21st ) out there. Those who are looking forward to embarking on a new business opportunity may find luck. You may have some of your close relatives helping you in your new endeavour. You will feel your inner confidence being your constant companion on this new journey. This will make you feel energized and spirited to the core.

Sagittarius Horoscope  for Today, 17th September

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Today, there will be a need to dedicate the day to your partners or spouses. There may be an unexpected outing or a romantic date. It will be beneficial to give some thought to the interests or the opinions of your partner. It can be a tough time for the singles out there, and people may not reciprocate their feelings. 

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You may be hesitant about making a risky decision when it comes to your financial planning. But the key is to be brave and just go with the flow. Trust your instincts while making the decisions. However, do not rush and make decisions in a hurry.


You will be focused on your workplace. There may be some unwanted clash between your personal and professional life which may bother you. However, there will be adequate help from your colleagues to deal with any obstacles in the workplace. The key is to stay resilient and steadfast with your work at hand. The accolades will find their way to reach you.


There can be a disruption of your mental well-being when your emotions tend to overpower you. This may lead to an anxious or irritated mood. It is advisable to not take an unwanted amount of stress or weight upon yourself. Do not miss out on your meditation and exercises before going ahead with the day. The key is to have a sound body and mind to keep the day moving forward.

Overall Sagittarius Horoscope

Today looks favourable for all the Sagittarians out there. Productivity will be abundant and you will be motivated to take charge of the day. Make sure to preserve your mental health to have an optimistic day overall. The company of your loved ones will make the day more cheerful and assured.  

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