Here's How To Reduce Family Screen Time & Spend Some Time With Your Family; Read


Social media is an addiction. For those who do not get time to spend with your family, read to know about four ways on how to reduce your screen time.

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How to reduce family screen time

Nowadays, many people are indulged in social media, Netflix and various other things that entertain them. The addiction starts by watching one episode of a series and then you end up watching the entire season. They do not realise that there is life outside the digital world too. The world has changed drastically after the digital era. Here is how to reduce family screen time

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How to reduce family screen time

Plan your time accordingly

This is the first step on how to reduce family screen time. You can plan your schedules accordingly. Making a strict plan for each family member will make things easier for everyone. It is important to follow a time table so that you can do something creative in the remaining part of the day. 

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Spend time with family

The second step after making a plan is to make sure that every family member spends time with each other. Avoid using mobile phones during family meals or family time. This step will also make sure that you eat your food mindfully without any distraction. This is one of the ways how to reduce family screen time.

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Know the consequences

The consequences of watching shows all day and staying on your mobile phones will not only make the eyesight weak but also can harm one's health in many ways. Make sure that you know the consequences of using excessive electronic devices. When you spend time with your family, you can up with solutions related to the same. 

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No TV in the bedroom

This is the last step on how to reduce family screen time. Installing a TV in your bedroom would be the last thing you would want. Make sure the TV is in the hall only since you can make sure of the content the children are watching and be aware of the same. A bedroom is a soothing place where you need to relax, installing a TV would distract you from your sleep.

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