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Horoscope Today – Daily Horoscope For 21st September 2019, For Pisces, Capricorn, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Aquarius and others With Daily Astrology Predictions

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Dear Librans, you are certainly not the same person you were a week ago. You grow every day into a new person. Remember to celebrate the way you are evolving into a new person. You are setting realistic goals and staying committed to it. This attitude will stay with you for a long time to come.


You might want to take a look at some of your old pictures - pictures of lost friends and past memories to see how much you have changed as a person. You need to congratulate yourself and celebrate your evolution. You will, in general, be increasingly open with your sentiments with the present planetary arrangements. This is a positive time for you when you gather guidance from the universe and re-position yourself into a happier state of mind.


Today you should do something beautiful for someone in your family. Things will start to look up for you. Your day is slated to get more enjoyable for you. Just remember to grab the wheel, enjoy the ride, and always look ahead. If you find any opportunity to ditch the routine even if it means a long commute, take the bait. You are bound to come back with a valuable experience.


Feeling at home during those times when you need to get away from the hectic pace of the crazy world around you can have enormous positive benefits. Having a cosy place of respite can give you the warmth and sense of safety that you need to nurture your well-being and foster happiness. But you can also get stuck in a rut if you get too comfortable for too long and begin to resist socialising or venturing out into the world. If you feel yourself edging toward that state of mind, Aries, venture out anyway. There is much for you to do and discover that can make your life happier.


You may be embarking on something new and exciting now but, some well-meaning friend or loved one may be reciting a long list of warnings about what could go wrong. Try to take a realistic perspective on this. You have probably weighed all the facts already, and it's doubtful that anything serious could go wrong. Remain hopeful, and don't let anyone rain on your parade. 


Every family in the world has its share of concerns for your happiness. Likewise, every friendship may have a considerable dose of thoughtfulness as well. Pisces act out their problems and draw on their own experiences, and sometimes even choose friends because they can help work out something about themselves. Today, don't give up on a flawed friendship, Pisces.

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Be prepared to hear what someone thinks about you, even if you don't agree. If you are ready for that, Capricorn, you should stand an excellent chance of putting your best foot forward and ensuring that your efforts are the very best thing they can be. Being open to constructive criticism and then blending feedback with your own insight can be a good recipe for success. Today is the day to take major decisions of your professional life. 


If you make a reasonable request of someone and they become angry or belligerent, or they refuse to honour your request, there could be many reasons behind the refusal. The person may not agree that your request is reasonable. They may be in a cranky mood. They may be a very difficult person to deal with. But before you react, knowing the reason can make a huge difference in the outcome and how you handle it. Don't jump to conclusions today about someone's behaviour without thinking it through first. 

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You are a kind-hearted and likeable person, Virgo. Anyone who knows you well would probably say the same thing. But even you have moments when you are not at your best and may not be the most likeable person. If you are regretting such a moment right now, and you are worried that you may have made a negative impression on someone, you need to know that you can start over. This time, be persistent in sharing your very best self. Your goodness will be evident to anyone. 


You may be hearing or observing warnings about something you have become involved in Gemini. You may have seen no reason to be concerned before this before you got involved. But you are bright enough to observe that if there are any issues, you are certainly capable of evaluating and dealing with anything that may come up or go wrong. Therefore, forget about whatever you have seen or heard, and go into this with a fresh mindset knowing that you can capably handle anything that does arise. Don't stress out for no reason. 

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Everyone has a day now and then that starts on a low note for no apparent reason. Maybe you wake up late, the car door is jammed, or some other irritation spoils your mood. You might start out thinking that it is merely going to be an unlucky day. But you can create a state of bad luck by allowing yourself to believe you are unlucky. You are not unlucky at all, Taurus. No matter what little things may have gone wrong, go out and create a lucky day for yourself today. 


It can be wonderful when you meet someone you feel is a kindred spirit, either romantically or platonically. You may click instantly, discovering that you have a lot of things in common and that you understand each other very well without even trying. But you still have to respect the fact that the relationship is still new, and you can't reveal everything about yourself until you know a person much better. Keep that in mind today, Scorpio. 

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