Horoscope Today – Daily Horoscope On 29th December 2018, For Sagittarius, Cancer, Scorpio, Virgo To Leo & Others With Daily Astrology Predictions

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Birthday Horoscope for 29th December 2018 - If it's your birthday today

Your contradictory set of personality traits and the ability to switch them effortlessly often confuses people and makes the understanding of your true self, an elusive and tough task for a lot of people. It is this ambiguity when it comes to predicting your next move that has rewarded you immensely when it comes to your success in business, creative professions and management roles. 

People look up to you for leadership and this year, you will find yourself thrust in the spotlight unexpectedly. This role and how you handle it will define the rest of the year for you, both on the professional and personal fronts. Poor execution and ideation will cause you to suffer so make sure you consider every move, every action and every decision. This is one of the most crucial years for you dear Capricorn and you should trust your instincts above anyone else’s. 

Family life will experience a routine ebb and flow, and when you get too occupied by work, friction will follow. Your immediate family will need your attention every now and then, and your absence at family functions will be a sore spot. Romantically, the latter half of the year is a great time to move a relationship into official territory. Capricorn individuals that intend to become parents should seek professional help on the best time of the year but should definitely fulfil their wishes of being parents this year.

Daily horoscope ARIES (Mar 21 – Apr. 20)

Daily horoscope aries

The fact that this year is about to end might suddenly dawn upon you during the day, and you will slip into a reflective state of mind with a slideshow of all the memories you stacked up today. Trying to ascertain whether the year was a success or a failure is a futile exercise dear Aries. Don’t be too harsh on yourself. 

Given, you always wish to have done more than you did but the fact that you made through this chaotic year with your sanity intact is a testament to the fact that you are virtually unbreakable in spirit. 

Tip of the day: Resist the temptation to go overboard with your mission to get tipsy. Sorrows do swim well Aries, attempting to drown them would be foolish. 

Daily horoscope TAURUS (Apr. 21 – May 21)

Daily horoscope TAURUS

Whether you call them a best friend, or your sidekick, your partner-in-crime and you will be unstoppable today. The proverbial friends that complete each other’s sentences, you are in for a delightful day full of good-natured ribbing and banter that will display no signs of slowing down. 

Work will be a piece of cake for you today, and so will be just about anything that life throws at you as it usually does when you’re in your best imaginable mood. The last Friday of an eventful year for you marks not just the end, but the beginning of another year for which you have huge plans. 

Tip of the day: Contain your excitement and keep the mischief limited in your circle of friends as others might not take too kindly to the things you do for ‘fun’. 

Daily horoscope GEMINI (May 22 – June 21)

Daily horoscope GEMINI

Of course asking for help is one of your least favorite things to do but when you don’t have a way around it, how long do you think you can stumble until you figure it out all by yourself? Ditch the unnecessary ego Gemini, and reach out to someone that can help you out with something that could take up an entire day to unravel. 
A dilemma at home, or something at work that you can’t seem to wrap your head around, this person can help you out. 

Tip of the day: Grab a book today instead of watching a movie. You may notice a change that you will definitely like. 

Daily horoscope CANCER (June 22 – July 23)

Daily Horoscope Cancer

It’s difficult to avoid being jealous at times, and it’s a feeling that fills you with dread Cancer. Instead of trying to get rid of it, why not try and decode what’s causing this anguish, forcing you to react in this manner. 
A forgettable day at work, it might not be a bad idea to call it a day a little sooner and head home. The thought of isolating yourself might be a tantalizing one at this moment but it will only make things worse. Reach out to a loved one and pour your heart out, even if it’s over a phone call. It will leave you feeling much better. 

Tip of the day: You may feel like you don’t deserve something but don’t be so hard on yourself Cancer. 

Daily horoscope LEO (July 24 – Aug. 23)

Daily horoscope LEO

The planets are playing tricks on you dear Leo, just in case you were looking for an explanation for the sudden urge to cuddle and get busy with your partner all day. Its Mars rendezvous with Chiron in your eighth house that’s contributing to your ridiculously high libido currently. 
Quite uncomfortable and constantly contemplating whether you should make an excuse to get out of your commitments and meetings to sprint home, this day will be difficult for you but you will see the humor in it, and so will your partner. Don’t worry Leo, this purple patch for your relationship will not fade away anytime soon, so savor it and make the most of it. 

Tip of the day: Of course you will be sufficiently distracted to not get any work done today, but if you don’t want a huge pile of files, innumerable emails, and an irate boss with their hands on the sides of their waist looking at you for an explanation on Monday, you should get some stuff done.

Daily horoscope VIRGO (Aug. 24 – Sept. 23)

Daily Horoscope Virgo

A small victory during the first half of the day will leave you feeling enthusiastic about the rest of the day and the things it could throw at you. You will be feeling excited about an opportunity at work that can allow you to showcase the true potential of what you can do with creative freedom.
There is a visible contrast you have noticed in the same time last year and you are loving the fact that you have come a long way after you beat those obstacles. You are also considering canceling on a plan that you previously committed to but give it some time and you might feel differently again. 

Tip of the day: Your friendship with someone in an authoritative position will benefit you today but make sure you don’t come off as someone taking advantage of it.

Daily horoscope LIBRA (Sept. 24 – Oct. 23)

Daily Horoscope Libra

It’s unlike you to be intimidated by the weekend dear Libra since you do, for the lack of a better expression, live for them. Nostalgia and a sudden realization of the passing of another year and this is the last weekend of 2018, you will feel compelled to do something meaningful and not the usual dine-drink-dance routine you are used to. 
All those things can wait, but if you are looking for something different, why not spend your time doing something that benefits your body and mind? Try meditating and eating right dear Libra.

Tip of the day: Hitting the hay at a reasonable hour on a Friday is a terrific change of pace and one you should try. 

Daily horoscope SCORPIO (Oct. 24 – Nov. 22)

Daily Horoscope Scorpio

Are you feeling especially empathetic with the lead character from the film Confessions of a Shopaholic today? Constantly browsing ecommerce and fashion websites looking for things you don’t really need but would simply love to have? 
Perhaps it’s not inexplicable but stems from your nervous yet debilitating insistence to nail your red carpet look for New Year’s Eve party with both Mars and Chiron combining to boost your drive for creativity and fashion. Trust your inner fashionista dear Scorpio and try not to panic. 

Tip of the day: A confusing and slightly infuriating day awaits but remember, it’s only temporary. 

Daily horoscope SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 – Dec. 22)

Daily horoscope SAGITTARIUS

Sure you would rather be out there in a tropical paradise soaking up the Sun and diving into a pitcher of endless margaritas with delicious tacos on the side, but instead you’re enduring winter, badgering your consciousness with caffeine and stuffing your mouth with a salad at lunch. Take a deep breath Sagittarius and free your head of this loathsome attitude. 
Travel opportunities will open up for you in the first few months of the New Year but buckle down and focus on getting the job at hand done before you start daydreaming. An important work decision will jolt your mind back into the office from the beach so fire up your PowerPoint skills for now. 

Tip of the day: A fair amount of concession is understood when it comes to not being in the mood to work on a Friday but you really shouldn’t stray that further away from the permissible limit. 

Daily horoscope CAPRICORN (Dec. 23 – Jan. 20)

Daily horoscope CAPRICORN

A low-key Friday evening with a small group of friends, cracking inside jokes, sipping on craft beer and demolishing large pizzas one after another is your idea of a perfect and fulfilling get-together dear Capricorn. But things seldom turn out the way we expect them to be, and that applies to every aspect of your ‘perfect Friday night’. 
Expect a lot of random elements and unexpected twists and turns will leave you guessing about what’s going to happen next as you may end up in a place with people doing things you didn’t really expect to do the same morning. 

Tip of the day: Try not to be a buzzkill Capricorn, and for a change just simply go where the moment takes you. You will end up being surprised yourself. 

Daily horoscope AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 – Feb. 19)

Daily horoscope AQUARIUS

Champagne, Caviar and every possible chic brand that you can think of, these are the things on your mind right now and while you were hoping for a much more subdued New Year’s Eve celebration, Mars and Chiron have other things in store as they are beginning to converge in Pisces and your second house. 
Trying to resist the urge to do something spectacular and exquisite would be a futile exercise dear Aquarius. It’s the last night of an extremely eventful year for you so why not big adieu to it in style? It is okay to insert a seismic shift in your finances every once in a while so don’t overthink it. 

Tip of the day: You will be at your peppy best today with a bunch of groovy tracks in your ears, getting things done like a piece of cake and starting an infectious stream of smiles in the room.

Daily horoscope PISCES (Feb. 20 – Mar 20)

Daily horoscope PISCES

Christmas could have reinvigorated the religious and spiritual flame in your heart making you want to seek piousness and tranquility today. You have always had strong, unwavering beliefs dear Pisces and have never once any doubt seep in no matter what people around you say about it. 
There has been some amount of negativity in your surroundings for far too long and yet you have maintained a resilient defense that has preserved your positive attitude. Consider rolling up your sleeves and putting an end to this situation as it could threaten to ruin a possibly wonderful year for you. 

Tip of the day: Avoid seeking comfort in junk food as you might feel overworked and underappreciated today.