How To Plan The Perfect Proposal To Woo Your Better Half Forever


How to plan the perfect proposal to make your partner feel the love that will last forever. Here are some key tips that you must take note before the big day.

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how to plan the perfect proposal

Love is an innate feeling, which transcends a person into a world filled with peace, hope, and bliss. Such feelings are strong and one must never let lose the strength of someone's love towards them. If you have found someone who appreciates your efforts and finds you perfect despite all your flaws and they are ready to give their all to you, then it's time to finally open your world completely for them.

In the 21st century where people are more fond of ghosting and no connection relationships, it is truly rare to find someone to hold on. Never let something this beautiful go off your hand. If you are planning to share your life with your partner and you want to get engaged, here are some essential tips to take note while preparing yourself for the big day.

Pre-proposal tips

Finding a good ring

It is essential to know the importance of the ring, it is going to stay in her fingers for life, one must try to start finding a good ring at least two or three months prior the proposal. Most of all, if you are proposing a girl, it is important to understand they all have a dream ring. Talking to their friends or family will not only help you understand their expectations from the beginning but you can also get to know their ring size as they can slip such info without leaving cues. 

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The surprise

Where many people steal proposal ideas from the internet, especially through social media, it is impressive when someone comes up with their own plans. The most notable fact is that proposals are mostly about the surprise as it should awestruck your partner.

Come up with great ideas which one can relate, and make your partner feel the memory trip in their mind. It is wonderful when a proposal is not only exciting but also heartwarming filled with memories related to all your firsts together.

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The budget

Now many people understand that while planning the budget is not only about the cost of the ring but it is also about the entire surprise. Once the idea of the proposal hits your mind, you must start considering all the facts and the money that you can collect to buy the ring and plan a surprise. On the day of the proposal, you will be tension free and you will be able to focus on enjoying the moment which is also special for you.

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On the day of the proposal

The people you need

On the big day, you will need a good photographer who will record and capture all your happy moments that you both are going to share and feel. You will need all your loved ones to witness the joy and bless you both with positivity. Do not forget to have a person who is playing good romantic songs that fit the best for the moment. 

The proposal

The moment has arrived, wear something loose so that the ring you are hiding remains hidden until you pop the question. Practice your question and add a beautiful paragraph before you ask him/her to share their life with you. Believe on the people around you to handle things perfectly and enjoy the moment. 

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