How To Rekindle A Relationship: Is The Quarantine Making You Want To Get Back To Your Ex?


How to rekindle a relationship, especially while you broke up during the quarantine. Read on to know how to get your ex back and how to ignite the old flame.

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how to rekindle a relationship

Social distancing can be challenging as it gives many of us the time to think about what can be done to undo certain things in our lives. Be it having a conversation that you aren’t completely satisfied with or losing a person you thought you would spend the rest of your life with. Self-quarantine can be difficult, especially for those going through a breakup or for those who have a vibrant social life.

How to rekindle a relationship?

Dating expert Matthew Hussey in his recently released video talks about what a person can do to rekindle their broken relationship. He even points out the communicating in a calm manner with the right words can be of huge help. Check out the video here.

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It has been revealed that a breakup can be hard if there is a lack of closure. The urge to do things correctly is strong when the breakup isn’t mutual. However, the video provides a possible antinode to try to mend things.

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How to get your ex back?

In the video, the dating coach says that all a person can do is describe what he or she can do for the relationship. One cannot decide how or what the answer will be from the other end. In his Instagram post, he mentions that. ‘a huge number of relationships that end, should end.’ However, he goes on to say that the video will let people know how to use the break up for the best and move on.

The feeling of being lonely and the need to find closure might be heightened considering the social interactions are left to a minimum. Social distancing plays a vital role here, as distracting oneself with a good relaxing day at the beach or to just meet up with fights might not be possible. The video provides a possible solution to getting over a breakup.

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