'I Want To See If You Will Be My Daughter': Man's Proposal To Her Fiancé's 12-year-old Is Winning Hearts On Internet


While you may have seen many heart-melting proposals, this man's proposal to her fiance's daughter, asking to be her dad is something that will take your heart away.

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While you may have seen many heart-melting proposals, this is something that will take your heart away.

A 12-year-old girl from Delmar, Maryland in the United States was surprised by her mother's fiance when he gifted her a diamond ring and proposed her to be his daughter. In a heartwarming video shared by 28-year-old Tia Warner, her husband-to-be Andrew Mast proposed to her daughter Te'Kia Reid and her reaction is the best thing that you will see today.

The video clip shows, 33-year-old Andrew sitting down next to Te'Kia on the couch and asking her about the little secret they had regarding her mother Tia Warner.

Stating that he was the 'secret' was to propose her mother to marry him, Air Force master sergeant Andrew revealed to the teenager that he proposed to her mother during their date.

'I was going to ask her, right? Look at your mom's hand. I asked her last night. So, now, here's the thing though. You are already my kid. When I marry your mom, it's like legal that you're my kid, like in a legal sense, right? So it's not just your mom that I proposed to," said Andrew as per media reports.

In the next very moment, Andrew reached to her back pocket and proposed the question asking Te'Kia to be her daughter. He got down on one knee and presented her a ring box, saying: 'I want to see if you will be my daughter.'

'Yeah,' said Te'Kia, with a bright smile on her face. 


Tia Warner, who is originally from Salisbury, Maryland, now lives with her daughter and soon-to-be husband Andrew in Delmar.

'It’s not about who your birth parents are it’s about who raised you. We are all blessed to have one another," she added.

While the couple has been together for more than a year now, they have planned to get married on June 8, 2019. 

'I didn’t know what her reaction would be, honestly, but I’m so glad she was happy and excited,' Tia said on Andrew proposing her daughter Te'Kia to be his daughter. 

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