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In Pictures | This Father-Daughter Duo Is Winning The Internet

Written By Diyali Banerjee | Mumbai | Published:


  • This father-daughter duo is setting the internet on fire with their adorable pictures
  • The pictures of this father-daughter duo are highly appreciated by the netizens and Sholom has earned over 250,000 followers on Instagram

Father-daughter relationships are special indeed. While fathers treat their daughters as a princess, they always retain the place of 'the best man' in their lives. Taking the bond a step forward, a father is making memories with her daughter in a very unique way. Father Sholom Ber Solomon shares pictures with his one-year-old toddler Zoe, on social media wearing quirky costumes and the Internet is obsessing over the adorable photographs.

Sholom who describes himself as a 'Silliness Enthusiast' on his Instagram page, conducts photo shoots with his daughter, as both dresses up in various themed costumes, props, and sets. The photographs of the father-daughter duo shared on Sholom's Instagram have won the hearts of the netizens as the 37-year old father poses with his one-year-old daughter, sometimes as a musician, or sometimes as a ballet dancer. He has earned over 250,000 followers on Instagram and the bond shared by Sholom and Zoe is highly appreciated by the netizens. Enacting different imaginative themes, sometimes the father-daughter pair is spotted as a magician and his rabbit or sometimes as a hunter and a monkey.

Here's take a trip to the fun-world of Sholom and Zoe:

1. Zoe's swimming lessons with Papa Mermaid

In this picture, Zoe's father Sholom was seen lying beside a pool all dressed in a mermaid costume, while baby Zoe was enjoying some gala time in the water sitting on a pink flamingo-shaped inflatable. The expression of both, Sholom and Zoe in the picture has won the hearts of the netizens. The post received more than 43,000 likes and was highly lauded by the Internet.

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2. The pre-historic Daddy-Zoe moments

In this picture, Sholom was seen all dressed as a man from the stone age while baby Zoe was featured as a dinosaur. Captioning the post, the fun-loving father wrote, "Me must make fire for Dino omelette!!! 🦖👶🏼🍳". The post received more than 28,000 likes and was widely appreciated by the netizens. 

3. It's tea time!

In this picture, Sholom and Zoe are dressed up as English women, enjoying some tea. The fun-loaded picture showed how Zoe's bearded dad posed with her as an elegant lady in a gown and blonde curls. 

 4. Daddy-Zoe knitting moments

Sholom is portrayed as a grandmother all busy with knitting, while baby Zoe represents grandma's little kitten who was playing with the ball of wool. The picture received over 40,000 likes and the internet lauded the picture widely. 

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5. Where is your license kid?

This picture portrays papa Sholom as a cop who has caught the little offender Zoe, probably for underage driving. Zoe's expression is so appropriate that in the picture, it looks perfect. The picture received over 32,000 likes and was flooded with comments. 

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Zoe's candid enlightened the frames as she looked very natural in the photographs. The cheerful baby has managed to become internet's favorite, sometimes taking up the role of a monkey sometimes a rabbit. Sholom started sharing Zoe's pictures from her very initial days. In fact, he shared pictures of how he was preparing to welcome the baby from the time his wife was pregnant. In a lot of pictures following Zoe's birth, the father was seen changing nappy and feeding the baby in several social media posts. The fun-bond shared by Sholom and Zoe is setting major father-daughter goals for the Internet.