Leo Daily Horoscope For October 2 - Love, Wealth, Career, Health


Leo horoscope October 2 2019 - Know what today holds for you as per the daily horoscope for Leo in terms of love, wealth, career and health. Read more

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These predictions made by our astrologers will be very helpful for the Leos to have a fantastic day ahead.

Leo July 23 – August 22

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You have a very giving and a very helpful nature. But some people might take you for granted. You should not let that happen. Stick to the people who are considerate towards you and to whom your presence matters. If some people are only with you because you are beneficial to them in any possible way, it would better to drop such people.

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If something about your partner or your relationship is bothering you, you need to talk to them about it now. It is better to get these problems sorted before they take an ugly turn in the future. If you have been taking your partner for granted, you need to stop doing that and pay more attention to the smallest things in your relationship. To those who are single, you might meet someone today who could be your significant other. They might cause some problems in the beginning or might even give you a hard time but they are someone who truly care for you like nobody else.


If you are planning to make investments, please hold. This investment might not be beneficial to you. You might lose the money that you have invested. So plan your investments and be cautious. Do not fall for any money related schemes.

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Try something new for a change. Take your work a bit seriously if you have been casual about it. Today is the day you have to work really hard because the stars are in your favour. You have an opportunity to prosper in your career. This could also mean a new job or an even better designation.


Invest your time for the betterment of yourself. You might discover some health issue, which might not be major but slightly critical. Some rounds to the doctor will help you recover. Consider your body and how you feel in it today. Take care of your health.

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