Leo Horoscope For October 04 - Know The Leo Daily Predictions


Leo horoscope October 4, 2019 - Know what today holds for you as per the daily horoscope for Leo in terms of love, wealth, career and health. Read more

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Leo (July 23rd – August 22nd) is the fifth astrological sign in the zodiac. Leos have one of the most striking and vibrant personalities. They love being at the centre of attention which often makes them the life of the party. Their optimistic zeal for life makes them one of the most dynamic zodiac signs. Leos, just like their name, are quite fiery and passionate about the challenges life has to offer them. Also read: Aries Daily Horoscope: Overview of the day and predictions | October 3

Leo - What to expect today

Today is going to be a long day for you. You might be caught up with work today and be ready for a busy one. There can be possibilities that you might miss your lunch today, so be attentive towards your appetite. You might seem to find the second half of the day better. If bumping into your soulmate is on your mind today, you might need to have more patience.


The creative field may be ideal for you today. You may have a tendency to be a great leader. So, any venture where you can rise to the position of leader is likely to be highly beneficial today. You personally may be an inspiration to many, be it in a work environment, social awareness program or any activities which come your way. Also read: Cancer Horoscope Today - October 03 | Your Daily Horoscope Prediction


You may feel very energetic today. You may also have a desire to do some exercise or yoga that you have been avoiding for a long time. Start your day with a fitness routine as that will help you in achieving your weight loss targets, fitness goals and healthy lifestyle. You’re struggling to kick start your healthy routine for a long time now however your zodiac sign is not favouring you. Try not to pressurize yourself or get worked up about it.

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Leos like the concept of love and they like to be in a relationship. You can be dominating because you can occasionally fall into relationship issues. Sometimes you may get a mature partner and they will try to guide you. You can be too playful and the partners may misunderstand you at times. You are the one who is the best when it comes to valuing a true relationship.


Today you are not going to do much with your money. The flow of money will be almost stagnant. You will not be earning much today, besides your routine income. Plan your spends accordingly as there are higher chances of ad-hoc requirements coming in 2-3 days. Also read: Leo Horoscope Today - October 3 | Daily Horoscope Prediction

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