Libra Horoscope For 9th October 2019- Libra Daily Predictions


Libra is an air sign represented by scales and loves to have balance in life and maintaining relationships. Here's everything Libras need to know for today.

Written By Shweta Patokar | Mumbai | Updated On:

Libras are very peaceful in nature and hate being alone. The air sign is represented by scales and reflects the sign's balance and fixation with oneself. Partnership is what matters to them and relationships are of utmost importance. Fun fact – Libra is the only zodiac constellation in the sky represented by an inanimate object.  

Libra – What to expect today?  

As of today, your transition into a better you will begin. Embrace the changes coming your way. You will have a strange but good spiritual experience today. Be ready to accept changes in a few of your opinions. You will meet someone new today who will challenge your opinions and thoughts.  


Relationships will be rocky today. Lowering your sentimental expectations will help make peace with your partner. Sometimes, work-life balance gets difficult, take a day off next week to spend time with your partner. The energy of today will bring back the sparkle in your life.  

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The entry of Venus in your orbit will bring you good news today. You will meet someone who is likely to help you advance in your career. You are at a new starting point now, clear out all the confusion that you might have and focus on your true goals.  


This is a good time to make your health a priority. Remember, this may be a serious issue, but improving your health can be fun. Exercising with a close friend will be good for your spirit. Take up new forms of exercises and continue learning them.

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It is time for rest and reflection. Spend time with your family and reconnect with them. Domestic chores and responsibilities may create a little trouble but you will come up with a solution by listening to all sides of the argument. Make your familial relationships a priority today. Continue doing so for a week.

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