Libra Horoscope For October 2: Know The Daily Predictions For Libra


Librans are born between September 23 and October 22. They belong to the air elements. Read the Libra horoscope and know what is in store for Librans today.

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Librans are born between September 23 and October 22. They belong to the air element. Librans are the most charming of all the zodiac groups. They are smart, cool, calculative and also humorous. Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, that holds the influence of beauty, art, love and pleasure. Librans are expected to not be able to deal well with chaos and mess.

Libra - What to expect today

A social event will help you meet your potential partner today. This person will have exciting stories to tell you, but they may exaggerate a lot. So don't take everything as a fact instead enjoy meeting them. Don't rush and commit to any proposal or project today. Take things slowly and decide everything carefully. 


Today romantic may not be the right mood for you. You may require some personal space to clear your head. You will be confused - one minute you may find yourself wanting your partner's company, but the very next moment you may end up wanting to be somewhere all by yourself. There isn't a lot that you can do about it, so explain it to your partner. Your emotions can be unclear, so breathe and give yourself the time you need.

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Stress that has been troubling you for a while may end today. You may feel that you are back on the top of the hierarchy. You can expect to be appreciated by your co-workers today and gain their respect. You may do something that sets an example at work. It may turn out to be a stellar day for you, and you may shine like a star.

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Today is the day when you may want to reconsider what food makes you feel full but bloated and what food makes you feel light yet satisfied. Everyone has a specific diet that works perfectly for their system. One tends to be lazy and careless about it though and neglects it. Today's stars encourage you to examine your habits and take responsibility for your health.

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A situation may arise that will cause disputes among your family members. You may tend to want to neglect them. But what may help is taking responsibility and standing by your family. Mutual understanding and support can go a long way in solving conflicts. 

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