Pisces Horoscope Today - September 28 | Daily Horoscope Prediction


Pisces daily horoscope reveals today's predictions and helps you know the day better. Know more about what to expect in love, health & career, and plan your day

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Pisceans are self-confident and have immense trust in their capabilities. Their inner-strength makes them unique. Pisces is mostly a calm sign, but they do have a very fierce temper too.

Pisces - What to expect today

You are going to have a day full of mixed experiences due to the presence of both Moon and Mars in your planetary alignment. You will be full of energy or you will be lazy at times depending on the task you are performing. You might be slightly stressed but it won't sustain for too long. You will be highly emotional today and you will require attention from close ones.

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Small conflicts can turn out into massive arguments between you and your partner today. The topic of discussion is not going to be anything new, both of you are aware of each other’s weakness and hurting each other on that note makes no sense. You should stop trying to control everything in your relationship and let just things fall in place in their own way. Communicate with your partner and give each other the attention you both deserve.

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You will feel lazy today. It is not a bad sign but you will miss out the energy to do any task. Relax but don’t drain your energy in fruitless pursuits. You can opt for a workout or go for a walk. It will keep both your body and mind fresh. You need to guide your energy in the right path.


You might feel an extra burden or pressure in your workplace today. Your career is going well but you are under constant stress due to the excessive work you take upon for yourself. Stay calm and keep up your hard work but try to distinguish it with productive work. Analyse your work properly and react accordingly.

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It is not a bad day for your monetary position at all. You will be very creative with your money and you will manage to get all your jobs done satisfactorily & within budget. However, your investment plans have a green signal according to Pisces horoscope today. If you have any money pending, today is the day you get it back.

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