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Practice Social Distancing Without Getting Bored In Your Relationship With These 5 Ways

Social distancing is considered as one of the significant precautionary measures right now. Here's what you can do to avoid getting bored in your relationship.

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Coronavirus lockdown has made it necessary for people to stay indoors. Following the same schedule and getting bored of it can easily happen especially in relationships. Love in the times of coronavirus can be challenging and difficult as the two of you may get bored of the same everyday schedule. Since you are not allowed to go out, it may get tough to sustain a healthy relationship during the lockdown. Here are five ways to avoid getting bored in your relationship during the lockdown. 

Watching movies of different genres

When trapped inside the house, the best way to spend quality time with your beloved is by watching movies or web series. Convert your movie night dates into your in-house dates to enjoy a good time with your love in the times of coronavirus. Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hotstar are some OTT's can help you enjoy some good time in your relationships. The two of you can totally make a watchlist based on your favourite genres and binge-watch it with your favourite snacks. 

Cook for each other

In relationships, efforts really matter and when the two of you are trapped inside your house, your efforts towards each other really count. So instead of just thinking about being bored in a relationship, make love in the times of coronavirus by cooking food for your partner. Making an effort to cook for your partner or just by spending time cooking together, you can really spend quality time in your relationship. 

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Be verbal about your love

Since social distancing has been an important part of this self-quarantine, it is important to sit back and have a conversation between just the two of you. Be expressive about your feeling towards your partner, tell them how important they are to you. Make every minute worthy of this conversation by making them feel how special they have been to you. Express love in the times of coronavirus in the way that soon when things get back to normal, your love still remains the same. 


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Get flirty

Remember those talking phases of your relationships, it is time to reminisce those times when you used to flirt with each other through messages making it more exciting for each other. Spark that flame again and try to repeat all those efforts you used to put at that time. You can even write letters to your partners or probably play a treasure hunt with them. 

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Identify what is boring to you

Sometimes there would be something you do but you feel extremely bored doing that and the same goes with your partner. It is important to identify such things. It may happen that what you find interesting may not be an interesting thing for your partner and vice versa. In such a situation, find a balance in your thoughts and try to do those things that you both find interesting. 

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