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Sagittarians want nothing but the truth, are adventurous, and love travelling. They are fun-loving and a good company. Sagittarians take time to form their opinions, and would not hesitate in being upfront. They also want freedom, and restrictions of any sort will frustrate them. Last but not least, in relationships, they might prefer their own space more. Their smile shines so brightly enough to attract people around them! At work, your associates will profit by your mastery and abilities, but make sure you get the credit for the same. At night, your heart might pound quicker because of an arrangement of a date with a special one!

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Sagittarius Horoscope for October 5


The horoscope shows that there is a lot of work pressure in the morning but things will look cool as the day moves on. You may not be in the state of mind of reprimanding work today, be it your own or that done by others, and you will be able to focus on your targets. You work at your own comfortable pace and deliver only the best according to your capability.


This is the right time to develop a better understanding of your partner. This is fundamental to a peaceful personal life. Your honesty and simplicity will attract your partner and this will develop their trust in you. Spend quality time with them, maybe take your partner out in the evening for a dinner date or for a long walk and talk about life.

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Although your smile is shining bright, you may not be that much happy during the first half of the day. However, in the latter of the day, you will be in a good mood. This is no major health issue or even the slightest of pain in the body whatsoever. Do not forget to exercise and eat healthily.

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Despite the fact that you might be in a big money-related issue, yet it won't influence you a lot, as you will be exceptionally self-assured about your capacity of remaining monetarily above water. Control unnecessary spending, small savings matter at this point in time.

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