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Small Talk Questions That You Can Engage In While Your Colleagues Join Video Call

Take a look at a list of small talk questions that you can engage in with your fellow colleges while you await the rest of them to join the video call. Read on.

small talk questions

Due to the recent coronavirus outbreak, many countries across the world have gone into a total lockdown. Many offices are now functionally remotely with employees working from their homes. Employees have been coordinating with their colleagues using facilities like video calls.

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However, there also times when you are the first to join the call and you are stuck with a colleague. In order to break the ice, here is a list of conversation starters that you can use while you are waiting. Read to know more about small talk questions and how to small talk with colleagues:

Conversation starters to use with your colleagues on a video call

1. Ask them how are they doing during this time

This is a very simple yet effective way of starting a new conversation these days. You can ask them what they have been up to during these days when one is stuck at home with nothing to do. You can further also tell them how you have been coping up and doing to pass time at home.

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2. Start a talk about the weather

Small talks can get boring and resistive after a point. Hence, try striking up a conversation about how the weather has been since the past few days. This will help both of you to share your experiences about the same and bond over it. You can also start a conversation about sports if you know that the other person is a fan of a particular sport.

3. Question them about your intended topic

Nothing bonds colleagues more than troubles in your workspace. You can kick-off a conversation with some trouble that you've been having with work. You can also open with the topic that you are going to discuss throughout the video call. This will help both of you to catch up on the situation and also skip the awkward silence.

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4. Ask for the opinion

This can be a work thing or even a personal matter depending on the bond that you share with your colleagues. When you share your problems and ask their opinions, it showcases that you care about the other person. It is also a known fact that people love to share their opinions. Hence, this can kick-start your conversation.

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