Taurus Horoscope For October 28, 2019 - Taurus Daily Prediction


Taurus daily horoscope reveals the predictions of your day ahead. Know what to expect with love, health, career, money predictions and plan your day better.

Written By Hrishikesh Gawade | Mumbai | Updated On:

Taurus star sign are born between April 20 - May 20 and are known to be practical, ambitious, and reliable, if not stubborn. Taurus don’t rush into anything, they tend to have a slower approach to just about everything and don’t like to be goaded into quick decision making. They have good control of things under their command and are usually part of big group activities. Read more to know about your day.

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You are expected to face some healthy competition which will bring out the best in you. Those competing against you might try to match your efficiency and intelligence. Try to focus on the work in hand and not petty clashes with those around you. Don’t overexert yourself, make time rest as well. The business might give better financial gains with the possibility of expanding overseas. You are set for something big stay conscious of your surroundings.

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Mostly of observing a dull today is expected and in the coming week but as soon as these weeks pass you will feel emotions rushing in. It will bring the sense of self-love and many single Taurus could fall in love, while those in serious relationships feel the need to think about the way they feel in their own skin. Some of you will feel the need to introspect your relationship and want to spend more time with your loved one, some might feel the desire to start a family. 

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With respect to health, you should be careful of overindulging in the pursuit of pleasure, it is good to enjoy but not so much that you damage your health. Do not over-exert yourself physically and do not overeat and drink. It is a good time for self-healing.

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You might have to keep an eye on expenses today as you may have limited financial bandwidth. It is advised that you spend wisely today. Moderate prosperity would be there due to the result of some minor gains. Charity looks to be a divine solution to many of your problems. Even though you make giant strides, financial stability still looks far.

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