Taurus Horoscope For September 25 - Taurus Daily Predictions


Taureans, the energy you are receiving from the moon today may put you in a tricky situation in terms of love & career. Read on to know the Taurus horoscope.

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Taureans are born between April 21 and May 21. They belong to the earth element of the zodiac group. Taurus are known for their stubbornness, but there’s more to that. They are ruled by the planet Venus, which makes them beautiful and artistic. They are likely to be gentle but can be fierce when required. With a little push, they tend to develop strong opinions and leave their comfort zone and try something new.

Taurus - what to expect today

Today can be a busy day for you. There might be a chance that some extra income might find a way to you. Although you did not aim for the money and might be not thinking about it, what you are doing today could develop into a profitable business. It could be a new concept that you implement, which may give you monetary and career benefits. It may also make you think about what direction you want your career to take up.

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The energy that you are receiving from the moon today may put you in a tricky situation. You usually enjoy thinking and analysing your potential lover before you get to meet them. You exactly know which strings to pull if you need favours from your partner. Today is different, and you may not get to do the same. Love may come out of the blue when you are least expecting it - do not panic and run away from what can turn out to be a beautiful relationship.


You may end up having a nagging feeling. This feeling could make you feel guilty about your productivity at the workplace. You may end up getting irritated for not doing more and give the best of yourself. Do not let this guilty feeling affect you in any manner, and you will be relaxed. However, if you come up with any ideas that seem far-fetched but potentially profitable, do give them a shot.

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You have been struggling for the last few days, but there is a skip in your step today. You may feel relaxed and reflect on whatever you have been learning from the struggle. You may bring your body into focus and might open up to some new activity or habit that is beneficial for your health. Do not discourage that urge.

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Today may turn out to be a fantastic day for your domestic life. Peace and harmony may prevail in the atmosphere at home and could bring you happiness. You may receive love and blessings from all your relatives. Enjoy the sunshine, until you can.

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