This Woman Is Setting Major 'Happily Unmarried' Goals By Sharing Pictures Of Her Ring-less Hand


This woman from New York celebrates her single status in a unique way with engagement-style photos of her ring-less hand.

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Relationships, engagement, marriage, are some choices one makes which are not a compulsion in life. It's a great feeling indeed to be in love with someone, but it's a greater feeling to be in love with oneself. While couples around the globe never miss an occasion to celebrate their relationship, this New Yorker is widely celebrating her singlehood.

Mary McCarthy, 30, celebrates her single status in a unique way with hilarious engagement-style photos of her hand sans the ring. She posts pictures of her bare palms, without a ring, on her Instagram page subtly mocking people around the globe who flaunt their ring post-engagement. She shares snaps of her ring-less hand in various settings, to mimic the cliché style of flaunting the diamond on the ring finger. She posted pictures while shopping, restaurant-hopping, roaming around the city of New York, and even while attending some of her friends' weddings. Breaking the stereotype of considering a single woman lonely and depressed, she puts forward her 'neither married nor interested' message, and it has influenced many people on the internet. Her Instagram bio reads, ''Hi. I'm not engaged but I'm OK I promise.'' She has posted over 500 pictures of her left hand in different settings. Here take a look at some of her Instagram posts:

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Here take a look at some of her Instagram posts:



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Here's the only kind of ring she is willing to flaunt:

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After she created her Instagram page 'not engaged' in 2016, over 40 thousand people started following her on the social media platform owing to her unique content. Mary, who is a writer, comedian, and actress, writes witty captions for her posts expressing how she enjoys her life as an unmarried woman. She also had a YouTube show called 'The Goodpie Girl' that received a good amount of fame as well. 

As per reports, Mary decided to create the page two years ago, after attending a friend's engagement party. She aims to extend the 'you are responsible for your own happiness' message to the single ladies who feel lonely looking at their peers and their relationships. Being a social media influencer, she hopes singles around the globe will stop comparing their romantic lives with others and instead of waiting for a Mister or Miss Right, will take charge of their own happiness.  

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