Virgo Horoscope For October 29, 2019: All You Need To Know


Virgo on October 29 will have many plans. Things in your love life that needs attention. Find out what else does the stars have hidden for you for today.

Written By Yash Tripathi | Mumbai | Updated On:

The Earth Sign Virgo represents perfectionism at heart. People of Virgo sun signs are logical, practical, and systematic. Let’s see today has to for Virgo. Born between August 23 - September 22, Virgos are known for their complicated nature. This is the Zodiac sign that strives for perfection the most. They are not only great at giving advice but are also known for their wit. Virgos are among the more persistent of the Zodiac signs. Virgos are very hardworking and are also very responsible when it comes to people or things that they care about. 

Virgo - what to expect today

Today a Virgo may embrace their family and give their complete attention to them. The Earth sign Virgo will manipulate their environment and get all their work done. Do not forget to deal with emotional issues with ease. Go with the flow of life, if there are discussions related to intimacy erupting, then get actively involved in it.

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Today is a confusing day when it comes to love. Today's horoscope says that it is a day you will have many plans to spend a day with your beloved lover. Your sweetheart may fall in love with you all over again because your persona will be magnetic.


Life will surprise you with happy moments in the office. Colleagues will see Virgos in a happy mood for the first time. Commitment towards work will be a highlight to the day maintain the good vibe. Be ready for important works to turn up. Use those awesome humour skills to influence the people.

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Today, Virgos may have an open hand when it comes to spending money this week. The people who fall into this sign will spend money on expensive techs or products. Luxury is something that interests you this week. Do not hesitate and enjoy what your heart desires.


Whatever that has occupied the mind of a Virgo these days will finally find its end. This is the day that will be all about self-care and self-love. Do not worry about things and maintain your energy level. Positivity is the key and stay extremely optimistic.

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