Virgo Horoscope Today - October 05 | Daily Horoscope Prediction


Virgo (23rd Aug – 22nd Sep) horoscope for 5th October 2019. Your lucky number for the day is 3. Lucky colour is Blue. Read more to know about today's events.

Written By Hrishikesh Gawade | Mumbai | Updated On:

Just the way a sapling needs special care and nourishment to grow to its full potential, you will need to take a quiet moment to contemplate the works in progress today so that you may benefit from them. Virgo is always brimming with productive energy. Today, it will be driving force behind your actions. Know what your day will bring you today.

Virgo Horoscope for October 5


There might be one particular project that has been there on your mind for a long time. Think about the actions you can take to help move it ahead, or better yet, make a definitive plan and execute it to fruition. Tender nurturing and unwavering dedication have been known to work miracles time and again. Turn a possibility into a reality with your sheer determination and love.

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You will have to be conscious about staying above the stress that will be caused by peer pressure today. Do not let the ill will of others get the best of you. Look beyond the present obstacles so you can remain alert while pursuing your goals. Virgos generally are very health conscious. So you need not be advised about health consciousness and dieting. Although, you will have to deal with the anxiety that arises from time to time in your life.

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Today will be a good day if you want to surprise your partner with a lovely gift. There certainly might be something that your partner has wanted for a really long time but has delayed buying due to some or other. This gesture would make a wonderful surprise and will be greatly welcomed appreciated. Expressions of gratitude could well be followed by a long conversation that brings you two closer. This is also a good time to plan a pregnancy.

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The drive to improve your resources will be strong today. There can also be some tensions surrounding personal finances and possessions today. It is a favourable time for recognizing a need to take charge of your money matters. You could be motivated to make more money, but impulsive purchases are also more likely. You can be quite busy building a business or putting a natural talent in which you are more passionate and emotionally involved, to good use. Action with money matters or belongings is a theme in the weeks ahead as well.

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